TGE Top Down and The Shyan Selah Foundation Announce $300 Million Dollar Bond Partnership for Affordable Housing and Multi-Use Construction Project

Seattle WA – March, 18, 2024 – TGE Top Down, LLC (TGE), a leading building group specializing in innovative construction solutions, and the Shyan Selah Foundation (SSF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to community empowerment, proudly announce their partnership in a groundbreaking initiative. This partnership entails a $300 million dollar bond to construct a multi-use development project, prioritizing affordable housing solutions in the Western Washington area of the state with an emphasis on King and Pierce County. 

SSF Founder, Shyan Selah, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Partnering in this way with TGE is a critical pillar in the mission of how I dream to contribute to the community. Along with our focus areas of the arts, entrepreneurship and education, I believe that true holistic economic development for communities in need must include how our people live day to day.”

Selah continued, “Creating a living scenario that is idealistically empathetic to the environmental, educational, and professional lifestyles of today’s youth, adult, and elderly class gives us a motivation that I think is not only relative to tackling the issues of today but also intuitive to the issues of the future. I hold great pride in this partnership and am deeply impassioned about the prospect of this coming to life in a time like now. From affordable housing to professional life-styling, how we live is as imperative to success and possibly more important than anything else. This is just the beginning.”

Dan Esparza, Co-Founder of TGE, emphasized the synergy between the organizations, stating, “The Shyan Selah Foundation is the natural partner for the TGE Group as we continue to develop innovative strategies and solutions for multi-story buildings in the downtown urban core.”

Esparza added, “This unique relationship between the companies is a win-win strategy as we develop affordable housing opportunities and support community-focused solutions. The ability to team with Shyan and his group will add significant value to our large scale mixed-use projects for the downtown core; where traditional developers may overlook un-tapped resources and values, our team is focused on the community and creating greater social equity.”

The partnership aims to address the pressing need for affordable housing while fostering community development and social equity. TGE and SSF will collaborate with cities to design and build mixed-income, transit-oriented developments featuring arts and affordable living opportunities.

About TGE:

TGE Top Down, LLC (TGE) is a leading building group specialized in systems integration focused on a revolutionary building process for the construction industry. Their vision is to transform design and construction practices for faster delivery, cost-effectiveness, and a more sustainable built environment.

The TGE Top DownSM building process introduces a new approach to construction, incorporating Lean practices and a structural solution to the traditional building model. TGE’s technology platform and building approach provide distinct and measurable differentiation for forward-thinking developers and design teams. For more information, visit

For further inquiries, please contact Daniel Esparza at (253) 579-3827 or email

About The Shyan Selah Foundation:

The Shyan Selah Foundation (SSF) is a nonprofit organization committed to fostering youth empowerment through the arts and entertainment. Founded by Creative Artist and Entrepreneur, Shyan Selah, the Selah Foundation focuses on addressing societal issues by enhancing the quality of life for youth and young adults. for further inquiries about the foundation, please contact

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