From the Founder, Shyan Selah:

I’ve been active in the music and entertainment industry as a professional for 15 years. Throughout the course of my time spent in this industry, I’m proud to say that I’ve been able to experience being a singer/songwriter, producer, actor and model, and have played a wide variety of executive roles from promotions to contract negotiations. In this course of time, I’ve been able to work with some of the world’s biggest brands, and some of the industry’s most influential personalities and talents. I can truly say that I have learned more throughout this process than I could ever have imagined when I first began writing and performing songs.

This journey has taken me all over this country and abroad and has given me an Shyan Selah speaking with youtheducation in life that is absolutely priceless. With that being said, and taking nothing away from the value of those amazing experiences, and even though I am still whole-heartedly active in my industry as a talent and entrepreneur, I can undoubtedly say there has been nothing more important than the moments I’ve spent actively giving back. From the children to the parents, from the players to the coaches, from the students to the teachers, I feel most fulfilled in doing outreach.

My reasons for outreach stem from my own personal experiences growing up. Without giving you a huge chronological essay of my history, it really comes down to just this: I really want to do for the people of my community what I wish would have been done for me. I have seen tears drop, faces smile, strangers hug, lives change, and violence turn to peace through my endeavors.  I am now at a stage where I can make more impact on a broader and wider scale than ever before.

As a result of my nation-wide outreach tour, which includes stops at schools, colleges, and Starbucks coffeehouses across the country, I was inspired to start a foundation in my name. The Shyan Selah Foundation will serve as a catalyst for fostering inspiration, education, and action. These principles will serve as pillars to motivate our most troubled youth and our most frustrated adults.

The Shyan Selah Foundation will aim to sponsor select youth to participate in music and entertainment workshops, seminars, classes, and concerts for free. All such programs are designed to provide the maximum entertainment industry experience available. Vocal lessons, entertainment business training, publicity and promotion workshops, event planning, and much, much more will be offered as a means to strengthen interactions between youth, creatively impact career goal-setting, and add significant skill sets to support overall personal development.

I thank you for joining me in our cause.


Shyan Selah