youth on the beach


While The Shyan Selah Foundation has traditionally focused on the creative arts to reach youth, this past year and half has shown us how important it is for youth and young people to not only reconnect their with their artistic selves, but also nature. In our view, both are equally important in fostering mental, emotional, and physical well being. As such we are joining forces with key partners in the Seattle and South King County communities to create opportunities for city youth to commune with nature in the Pacific Northwest.  Our youth are going through a crisis unlike we’ve ever seen as news reports continue to detail traumatic tragedies impacting black and brown communities throughout the country. We remain steadfast in our goal to keep our community’s young people safe, productive, motivated and thriving. 

In coordination with Brave New World Enterprises, The Shyan Selah Foundation will work with the Washington State’s Department of Natural Resources to cultivate programs for youth to develop food and herb gardens and specialized landscaping skills.  In addition, the Selah Foundation will also lead participants on field trips designed to educate them about the natural environment such as nature retreats at Camp Waskowitz (of which our organization’s founder, Shyan Selah, is a former camp counselor), outings to Mt. Rainier, hikes through Dash Point State Park, and numerous other outside activities at various parks throughout Western Washington.

Our goal is to reach 250 participants ages 12 – 18 within the year (no less than 50 students each quarter) with a focus on marginalized communities and communities of color.