The Artist Workshop is Back!

We’re joining forces with Brave New World to bring back The Artist Workshop, a series of workshops specifically designed for young artists and aspiring entertainment entrepreneurs in the South King County area. Our mission is to develop talent… Read More

The Shyan Selah Experience – College & Career Fair

As an organization focused on creating dynamic event experiences that promote higher education for youth and young adults, we’re proud to be co-producing the Shyan Selah Experience: College & Career with Brave New World Enterprises on October 12,… Read More

Shyan Selah Joins George Clooney, Eminem & Others as 21st Century Leaders

Shyan Selah has been chosen to join 21st Century Leaders, a select and diverse group of influencers ranging from Royalty and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to renowned leaders in the fields of film, music, fashion, art, and literature… Read More