Shyan Selah Joins George Clooney, Eminem & Others as 21st Century Leaders

Shyan Selah 21st Century Leader Artwork for the Whatever It Takes Campaign

Shyan Selah has been chosen to join 21st Century Leaders, a select and diverse group of influencers ranging from Royalty and Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to renowned leaders in the fields of film, music, fashion, art, and literature to raise awareness and funds for international causes through the Whatever It Takes art campaign.

Shyan joins individuals such as Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Richard Branson, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Donna Karan, Coldplay, Eminem, Dave Growl of the Foo Fighters, and many  others who have added their names to personally created art projects. The artwork is licensed by to raise funds to champion causes that range from human trafficking to AIDS to environmental protection.

Click here for a list of causes which 21st Century Leaders supports.

The theme of the artwork collection is “Symbols of Hope” and the original artworks are donated for exclusive use by which has raised over $106 Million for 21st Century Leaders to be disbursed amongst these various causes.

“I think what this organization is doing is just beautiful. It really is a beautiful thing,” says Shyan. “Anytime you can express messages that push humanity toward its better self is a blessing. That’s the true power of expressed art, especially with this type of intention. It’s healthy, it’s interesting, it’s fun, and it’s for a wonderful cause. For anyone that knows me, it’s no secret that reaching people in meaningful ways has been at the forefront of what I do as an artist and entrepreneur for my entire career. It’s an honor to be invited to participate with 21st Century Leaders and I’m excited to be alongside so many amazing contributors because ultimately it gets no better than having an opportunity to serve humanity and be of help in m making someone’s life better. I aim to contribute as much art as I can and spread the awareness wherever I go.”

To learn more about 21st Century Leaders and the Whatever It Takes Campaign visit and

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